The Offshore Knowledge Centre organises tailored trainings for governmental institutions and businesses  in the field of financial and economic fraud.

We offer various trainings: from half-day courses to trainings covering several days, from workshops to master classes and from operational to strategic and policy-oriented trainings.

Our clients

Our vision
Fraud is timeless. However, in the past decennia, financial and economic fraud rapidly became a persistent and world-wide problem due to large-scale globalisation. Governmental bodies, professional services  and banks and other financial institutions encounter an increasing challenge to monitor (international) legal entities and money flows in order to prevent fraud.
Our mission
At the Offshore Knowledge Centre we use our wide range of expertise to help you monitor (international) legal entities and money flows in order to prevent fraud. We are your source of expertise, information and inspiration: providing guidance in and answers to (enhanced) professionalisation in the field of financial offshore and more. We realise our mission through specific research, trainings and (semi) scientific investigations.

Our clients
Our set of clients consists of governmental bodies, regulators, financial institutions, private investigation bureaus and others who require our help. Please also see our overview of client references.

Our people
The Offshore Knowledge Centre-team consists of former investigator, fiscalist and scientist Jan van Koningsveld and private researcher Wendy van Koningsveld. Together, they are the key figures within a wide network of specialists focusing on the prevention of and fight against fraud.

Our working method
Depending on the nature and volume of the research at hand, we consult our network to assemble a ‘dream team’. We have accountants, fiscal specialists, experts in criminal law, asset tracers, economists and financial analysts at our disposal who all add value to each research. Thanks to this network we are entitled to call ourselves a ‘Knowledge Centre’. In addition, this specific operating approach enables us to work in a quick, decisive and effective manner and to offer you a competitive rate.

Our Team

The Offshore Kenniscentrum consists of former police detective, tax expert and scientist Jan van koningsveld and private investigator Wendy van koningsveld. Together they form the linchpin in a wide network of specialists in the field of fraud prevention and control.

Wendy van Koningsveld Offshorekenniscentrum

Wendy van Koningsveld

Investigator / trainer

Joras Ferwerda

Investigator / trainer
Robert Makker - marketing - Offshore Kenniscentrum

Robert Makker

Jan van Koningsveld - Offshore Kenniscentrum

Jan van Koningsveld

Jan van Koningsveld

Jan van Koningsveld is founder of the Offshore Kenniscentrum. He has worked as a crime investigator at the FIOD – the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service – for over 25 years. During his career he prepared and executed criminal investigations of various forms of financial and economic fraud.

These types of investigations often contained an international aspect. This enabled Jan to also gain understanding of international money flows, legal entities, trusts, trust offices, offshore-services and the tracing of the real legal owner of companies. At the FIOD Jan participated in several multidisciplinary investigation teams with the objective to examine organised crime in The Netherlands.

At the Offshore Kenniscentrum Jan combines his professional experience as a FIOD-investigator with his extensive legal and scientific knowledge. Jan is currently finalising his PhD research on ‘The nature and volume of the misuse of offshore companies by Dutch inhabitants’ at Tilburg University in The Netherlands.

Jan enjoys going for a run with Wendy a few times a week to clear his head and to brainstorm a bit. Together they have trained for and successfully participated in the New York Marathon of 2008.

For more details on Jan’s background please refer to his full Curriculum Vitae.

Wendy van Koningsveld Offshorekenniscentrum

Wendy van Koningsveld

Investigator / trainer
Wendy van Koningsveld

Being the daughter of a FIOD investigator Wendy was taught the tips and tricks of researching at an early age. As part of her management, economy and legal education at the School for Business Administration and Economics, she interned at the department of Security Affairs of the Crédit Lyonnais Bank. The subject of her final thesis covered money laundering and the Dutch Transaction Reporting Act (Melding Opmerkelijke Transacties (MOT)).

Wendy fulfilled various consulting, sales and management positions for the Dutch SNS Bank and for an education institute. In 2010 she took a turn in her career and enrolled in an education programme to become a private investigator. Once she completed her studies, she joined Jan at the Offshore Knowledge Centre.

Wendy enjoys running – preferably together with Jan, so they can clear their minds and discuss the current office affairs.