What kind of investigations do we carry out?

We carry out various types of investigations into (possible) fraud and/or (integrity) risks. We carry out these investigations independently, but we can also join your investigation team.

You can think of:

  • File research for banks
  • (Semi) Scientific investigations
  • Integrity research
  • Research on behalf of private persons

Getting acquainted?

The choice of a research bureau deserves careful consideration. That is why we like to give new clients the opportunity to have an introductory conversation without any obligation. You can ask questions during this meeting and we will then indicate what we can do for you.

During the meeting, you can experience whether there is the ‘right click’. We attach great value to a good and pleasant (trusting) relationship with our clients. A relationship of trust is of paramount importance to us. We treat the information provided to us with the utmost confidentiality.


File investigation for banks

For a bank in the Netherlands OKC has reassessed a number of customer files. It concerned files with complex corporate structures. OKC has made a systematic analysis with attention for integrity risks such as money laundering, tax evasion and tax avoidance. Also the use of offshore companies and offshore services has been analysed.

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Real estate fraud

Integrity investigation

Participant in investigation team into possible fraud at a housing corporation. For this investigation, an analysis was made of real estate transactions carried out, parties involved and authorities. The results were recorded in a report.

Private client

UBO and asset investigation

We have carried out investigations for various private clients. These included investigations into offshore companies, the true owner (UBO) of offshore companies and the tracing of hidden (offshore) assets. The investigations were (partly) carried out from the Netherlands. For a number of investigations, we carried out investigations abroad.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Financial investigation

We conducted a financial fact-finding investigation for a graphics company. The reason was a conflict between the director and the board of the BV. The board suspected malpractice. The report we produced contributed to an amicable settlement between the director and the board.