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Our story

Our passion for money laundering, the offshore world and the drive that fraud should not pay off

The Offshore Knowledge Centre, established in 2011, is a highly specialised company in the field of financial (offshore) services. Due to our small size, we are able to work quickly, expertly and effectively, at relatively low cost.

Fraud is of all times. But the globalisation of the past decades has made financial fraud a persistent worldwide problem. Government organisations, banks and other financial institutions and business service providers are increasingly faced with the challenge of monitoring (international) legal entities and financial flows in order to prevent fraud.

Legal forms & money laundering risks

The source of knowledge, information and inspiration

We put our specialism to work to help you. We are the source of knowledge, information and inspiration; a guide and question mark for (further) professionalisation in the field of financial offshore and more. We give substance to this by means of specific research, training courses and (semi) scientific research.

Our clients

Our clients include government agencies, regulators, financial institutions, private clients, lawyers and other interested parties.

Our team

Depending on the nature and scope of the research to be carried out, we form a 'dream team' from our network. Accountants, tax specialists, criminal law experts, asset tracers, economists and financial analysts provide significant added value and allow us to rightfully call ourselves a Knowledge Centre. This method of working also makes us fast, decisive and effective, while keeping costs under control.

Our team

The Offshore Knowledge Centre consists of former investigator, tax expert and scientist Jan van Koningsveld and private investigator Wendy van Koningsveld. Together, they form the pivot of a broad network of specialists in the field of fraud prevention and control.

Jan van Koningsveld

Jan van Koningsveld is the founder of the Offshore Knowledge Centre. For over 25 years, Jan worked as an investigator at the FIOD, the investigation service of the Dutch tax authorities. His work there involved preparing and carrying out criminal investigations into all kinds of financial and economic fraud.

These investigations often have an international component. As a result, Jan has extensive experience with (foreign) money flows, legal entities, trusts, trust offices, offshore services and tracing actual beneficial owners (UBOs). At the FIOD, Jan was a member of various multidisciplinary investigation teams that investigated organised crime in the Netherlands.

In the Offshore Knowledge Centre, Jan combines his practical experience as a FIOD investigator with his extensive legal and scientific knowledge. Jan was awarded his doctorate at Tilburg University on 7 October 2015. With substantive arguments and humour, Jan defended his PhD thesis with verve: The offshore world unmasked: a study into the nature and extent of abuse of offshore companies.

To clear his head and to enjoy sparring, he and Wendy go running a few times a week. Together they ran the New York marathon in 2008.

For more information, please see his Curriculum Vitae.

As the daughter of a FIOD investigator, Wendy was introduced to investigating at an early age. During her studies HEAO Management, Economics and Law, she did an internship at the bank Crédit Lyonnais in the Security department. Her thesis dealt with money laundering and the Disclosure of Unusual Transactions Act (MOT).

After a career in various advisory, sales and management positions at SNS bank and a training institute, she started her training as a private investigator in 2010. After successful completion, she joined Jan in the Offshore Knowledge Centre. Wendy likes to run, preferably together with Jan: to get some fresh air and to discuss current affairs in the meantime.

Wendy van Koningsveld

Peter van der Horst

Peter van der Horst has worked as a tax expert at the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration for more than 40 years. Within these services he has fulfilled a wealth of positions. For 25 years, Peter worked at the FIOD as a financial investigator, trainer and intelligence officer. After that, he became director of tax and financial training programmes for the higher educated (accountants, tax specialists) at the Ministry and the Tax Authorities.

As a sub-project leader at the Real Estate Intelligence Centre (now called iCOV), Peter has extensive experience in the field of real estate, money laundering, constructions and uncovering offshore financial structures.

In recent years he has been coordinator of the Platform for Strengthening Professionalism at the Professionalism Department of the Ministry of Finance.

Peter is also an experienced teacher and developer of teaching materials in the field of taxation.

In his free time, he enjoys sports, photography, gardening and reading.

Joras graduated as Doctor in Economics, as Master in Economics and Social Sciences and as Bachelor in Economics and Law at Utrecht University. He is currently working as a university lecturer at the Economics Department of Utrecht University in the chair Economics of the Public Sector.

He contributed to the first study on the extent and effects of money laundering in the Netherlands, commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. He also conducted a study on money laundering in the Dutch real estate sector for the Ministries of Finance, Justice and Home Affairs. He organised the conference ‘Tackling Money Laundering’ in Utrecht with international experts in the field of money laundering. He currently runs an EU-funded project on the effectiveness of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies in the 27 EU Member States. His scholarly publications include an article in the journal Review of Law and Economics entitled ‘The Economics of Crime and Money Laundering: Does Anti-Money Laundering Policy Reduce Crime?’, an article accepted for publication in the journal Applied Economics entitled ‘Gravity Models of Trade-Based Money Laundering’, an Edward Elgar book entitled ‘Money Laundering in the Real Estate Sector: Suspicious Properties’ and a PhD thesis entitled ‘The Multidisciplinary Economics of Money Laundering’.

Besides his research, he teaches at the bachelor and master level at the department of Economics and the department of Public Administration and Organisational Sciences of Utrecht University. Furthermore, he does peer review work for international scientific journals and gives presentations and lectures at scientific (mostly international) conferences.

Joras Ferwerda

Robert Makker

Robert Makker is a commercial and results-oriented marketing professional with extensive experience in project management, marketing and sales.

With great passion and enthusiasm, I support Offshore Knowledge Centre to get more clout in the field of marketing, account management and sales.

For Offshore Knowledge Centre, I am responsible for online marketing, Social Media, as DTP’er for corporate identity development, Keynote presentations, video and web design.