"NRA: experts identify money laundering risks with offshore companies as one of the biggest risks".

It is up to you to identify and record money laundering risks on a daily basis. Offshore companies play a crucial role in this. It is quite a challenge to analyse structures that are becoming increasingly international and complex. What exactly is an offshore company? How can you recognise it? And what are the risks involved? At whatever level you work, the regulators expect you to have knowledge of the money laundering risks with offshore companies. In this training we will answer your questions.
The Offshore Knowledge Centre is the specialist in the Netherlands in this area and provides a workshop on this topic.

Complex (inter)national constructions are increasingly set up to launder criminal money. The FIU has seen a sharp increase in the number of reports of transactions linked to offshore companies. Analysis of major tax fraud, corruption and money laundering cases also reveals the essential role played by the offshore world. This in itself is not a new observation. The Offshore Leaks, the Panama Papers and other Leaks have already made clear the extent to which the offshore world plays a role in all kinds of possible fraud.

It can be concluded that preventing and combating financial fraud is not effective without a thorough knowledge of the offshore world.

Follow the workshop online and let yourself be taken into this fascinating world. So that you can apply the knowledge you have gained in your daily practice and make better analyses. This investment will increase your knowledge and sharpen your analysis eye. At the end of the workshop you will receive an up-to-date checklist of risk indicators of offshore companies.


All topics are discussed from a risk perspective. What risks do your customers or your customers’ customers bring?



Dr. Jan van Koningsveld is a lawyer with many years of investigative experience. From 1985 to 2010 he was associated with the FIOD, among other things as an investigator. In October 2015, Jan received his doctorate from Tilburg University. He is the first to describe the manner and scale of abuse of offshore companies. He is the author of the book "The offshore world unmasked." Van Koningsveld is now working as director-investigator-trainer for the Offshore Knowledge Centre (OKC) in Almere.


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