01 december 2022 - The (money laundering) risc of a Trust


During this online training, the trust as a legal concept is central. You may know the trust as an instrument to accommodate an inheritance. Or the trust in relation to the trust register. The trust is a legal instrument that is also used by criminals. To house the proceeds of crime and to conceal their true identity. What should you do if you come across a trust in a structure? Within the framework of the Money Laundering and Terrorism Prevention Act (Wwft), it is necessary to have knowledge of trusts and the risks involved.

How does a trust work, which risks are involved and what do you have to pay attention to? We will answer all these questions.

There is often confusion about the terms trust, trust office and trustee. During the training we will go deeper into these concepts, which have essentially a different meaning. Paul Wilbrink, former director of a trust office, will connect and create clarity.

Training information

Date: Thursday 1st december 2022
Duration: van 14.30 uur – 16.30 uur (2 uur)
Trainers: dr. T.J. (Jan) van Koningsveld, directeur Offshore Kenniscentrum
P. (Paul) Wilbrink, CDD Analist en voormalig directeur trustkantoor
W. (Wendy) van Koningsveld, partner/trainer Offshore Kenniscentrum
Price: € 99,- exclusive 21% BTW
For whom: Compliance officers, employees of trust offices, payment institutions and banks, investigating officers, supervisors and other Wwft reporting agents
Location: Livestream via Zoom
Verzorging n.v.t.
Max deelnemers



  • What is a trust and when can I encounter it?
  • How is a trust created and what documents are there?
  • The Anglo-Saxon trusts
  • Trust, trust office and trustee
  • The risks of a trust


  • Your knowledge of the legal concept of trust has increased
  • You are better able to ask the right questions and collect documents to build up a good case file and to identify risks
  • You will be able to analyse trust structures more effectively based on new insights
  • You will develop a broader spectrum of red flags of a trust

Cancellation policy

You can cancel free of charge up to two weeks before the start of the course.

When cancelling between two weeks and 5 working days before the start, you pay 50% of the total amount. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 5 working days.


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