Over the past years we have conducted various fraud and (semi) scientific investigations and we have organised several trainings. Below, you will find a brief overview of our work. Please note that due to privacy reasons we are unable to list all our clients by name.

Pellicaan Advocaten, NL

February 2013

Training on the recent amendments to the Dutch Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism Act (WWFT) and on the risks of transactions with legal entities.

Housing Corporation, NL


Researching possible fraud and integrity risks.

Conference on Money laundering, Kerckebosch, NL

November 2012

OKC was a speaker at the ‘Money laundering’ conference. Subject: money laundering and misuse of trust offices.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce


Investigating opportunities to early detect fraud. The results and recommendations of the investigation were reported.

A Dutch Bank


Investigating the effectiveness and current status of the Bank’s anti–money laundering system.

A private client, NL


Investigation in tracing assets.

A Dutch SME (small and medium sized enterprise)


Researching the financial facts of the possible fraud by the company’s director.


2010 – 2011

Research into the relation between money obtained through corruption and the misuse of offshore companies. The research results are published in a book called ‘The puppet master’.

Dutch Bank (Rabobank Nederland)

2009 – 2012

Various trainings for the Bank’s Compliance department, such as a basic training on offshore centres and a current affairs training on money laundering.

Dutch Publisher (Uitgeverij Kerckebosch)


OKC was a speaker at the conference ‘Current events on money laundering’.

Conference (Congress Landelijk Overleg Fiscalisten), NL


OKC was a speaker at the conference about Tax Havens.



A 2-day training for the Bank’s Compliance department on money laundering and offshore centres.

Nyenrode Business University, NL

2007 – 2011

Lectures on the developments in the world of offshore centres and on specific affairs of fraud.



Report: Misuse of foreign legal entities.



Report: Misuse of corporate vehicles.

Police Academy, NL

2005 – 2011

In-house trainings ‘Fiscal (criminal) law’.